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Soen TRANSIT XS Travel Speaker

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Technology | 0 comments

Soen Transit

Look at this gorgeous white speaker. If you have the white iPhone, Soen’s TRANSIT XS is a perfect match. It’s so pretty. It’s the same length as the 6+ and side by side, they look beautiful together. They come in different colors, but the white is just so sleek. They really nailed the design aspect of this speaker, it’s elegant and modern.

The Transit XS comes with a clip and wrist strap like the ones you find on cameras. So you can clip it to your backpack or handlebars. You can also attach your small tripod and secure the speaker to a tree branch or tent pole, which makes it great for the campsite, hammocking, etc. It’s not water resistant, so you wouldn’t want this out in the rain, but these are nice extras for a travel speaker. Keep in mind that the waterproof speakers are substantially heavier, so if you don’t need that feature, something light like this is preferable for your carryon.

Sound is crisp and clear–podcasts sound awesome, but there’s not a whole lot of bass, and it doesn’t get super loud. The speaker is very small and not akin to a boom box, but for its size, I think it sounds good. Pairing was a piece of cake, it just takes a couple of seconds. If you get a phone call, the speaker will facilitate that like other bluetooth speakers. Four tiny LED lights indicate battery life, which lasts up to 8 hours.  Around the top and bottom, the speaker is rubberized, which is nice to the touch and keeps it from sliding around. It’s a great all around travel speaker. Find it HERE.

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Travel Basic: Super Natural Wool Blend Tee

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Clothing | 0 comments

SN VNECK TEENeed a new T-Shirt for your spring and early summer travel?  Check out this Super Natural V-Neck Tee. This is a great option for anyone hesitant to go full-on wool because it’s a blend with the benefits of wool. I adore wool for travel because I like to travel light and wool clothing generally doesn’t retain smell, so it’s great for being on the road (or trail) away from the washing machine. I also find that it dries quickly and retains it shape when washed in a hotel sink. This Super Natural tee, made with 50% poly, holds it shape perfectly, and this basic black is a must have. Find it HERE.

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Kelty SB20 DriDown Sleeping Bag

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Adventure Travel | 0 comments


Kelty’s SB20 Sleeping Bag is warm, great looking, and uses Dri-Down technology to keep you dry. Now we can enjoy the benefits of down without having to worry about it turning into a soggy mess if it gets wet. An 800 fill will keep you toasty while there is extra waterproofing at the head and feet to combat condensation. This bag is handsome with a deep charcoal gray exterior and upbeat lime green interior. It has a comfort rating of 31 degrees and 20 max. It is very warm and cozy with great loft. The hood is roomy, keeping my head warm while allowing my pillow to stay put inside it.

If you need a warm bag for your spring camping trips, the SB20 is a great option.  For backpacking (and I always say, go warmer than you think you’ll need), this is an excellent choice with the awesome features of Dri-Down. That was always the big concern with bringing a down sleeping bag on a backpacking trip–if it gets wet, you’re in trouble. Not anymore. Find this awesome sleeping bag HERE.

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Jackery Giant External Battery Charger

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Business Travel, In-Flight, Road Trip, Technology | 0 comments

jackery giant

Don’t you love how travel gear crosses over to lifestyle gear? Having spent some years in hurricane territory, I’m in the habit of always having flashlights and batteries on hand in abundance. Jackery’s Giant is as awesome for travel as it is for your bedside table. A built in flashlight and two ports for charging your devices makes it useful for power outages as well as those desperate moments on a long haul flight when your iPad flashes that lonely drained battery symbol. I love it for camping too.

This bad boy offers a 12,000 mAh power supply, which is enough to charge my iPhone 6+ two and a half times, or the iPad Air almost once.  You can find your device on their website and see how much juice you can get out of it.  It comes in different colors, but I almost always opt for the brightest so I can find it easily in my bag. Find it HERE.

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More Cloud Walking with Saucony Hurricane ISO

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Adventure Travel | 0 comments

Saucony Hurricane

A few weeks ago I was blown away by Saucony’s Triumphs.  I could not believe how comfortable they were and so now, trying Saucony’s Hurricane ISOs, I expected them to be awesome, but still I’m amazed by the comfort level.  I think the Triumph is supposed to be Saucony’s cushiest shoe, but I’m finding these to be every bit as comfortable, and I like the gunmetal gray and purple color scheme better (they come in other colors too).  If you need a little extra arch support, these shoes are a dream.

They are very light weight and perfect for travel. I can walk all day long in these and my feet don’t get sore at all. You don’t get that foot fatigue that makes you want to stop.  Like the Triumphs, they make me want to go and go. They are ventilated and wonderful for your summer travels. I needed to go up a half a size with this one to create more room in the toe box, though they are supposed to run true to size, so results may vary. Find them HERE.

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Lojel Nimbus Carry-On Spinner Suitcase

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Business Travel, In-Flight | 0 comments


If you live in a rainy climate and sleek and elegant is your taste, check out Lojel’s Nimbus.  Made to withstand rain, this carryon is perfect for those traveling by train in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere you face ongoing inclement  weather. You can literally stand in the rain for six hours with this and your stuff will stay dry.  Inside, the lining is black with compression straps and a zippered stash pocket for small things. The wheels are rubbery and substantial, but not clunky and it glides along seamlessly.

The whole bag is black-panther beautiful. You’ll look put together and professional on business trips, but have a secure rugged suitcase for your leisure trips.  The built in TSA friendly lock is something new to me, I think of how many times I have fumbled around with a lock or trying to find mine. This is just one less thing to loose and great for last minute locking when you weren’t expecting to gate check your bag. The Nimbus comes with a 10-year warranty. Find it HERE.

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2 Polarized Sunglasses Options from Hobie

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 in Adventure Travel | 0 comments

hobie rockpileGear up for your spring and summer adventures with some polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes.  For me, a polarized lens is essential for hanging out on or near water as it helps cut down the glare that can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Hobie’s polarized Rockpile Cobalt Sunglasses are geared toward the outdoorsy set and offer two layers of coating for extra protection from scratches while you’re out and about. These are awesome for hiking, riding your bike, and paddling. I like the simple design and the blue contrasts nicely with the matte black.

Hobie WedgeFor a different look with the same benefits of polarization and scratch resistance, check out The Wedge.  Also light weight and designed for active sports, I like the clear face that is part of the Sea Crystals collection. They both come with a dual tone blue pouch that is bright enough to stand out in your bag making it easy to find while keeping your lenses pristine.

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