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Magnus Air Minimalist iPad Stand

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Business Travel, Technology | Comments Off

Magnus Air

Need a minimalist stand for your iPad Air? Check out the Magnus Air by Ten One Designs. It works with magnets to hold the iPad in place and it looks sleek. Made of aluminum and polycarbonate, it’s slim and light weight at 2 oz, and will easily tuck into your bag. It’s great for business travel, allowing you to use your screen while you type away on a bluetooth keyboard. If you’d rather type directly on the iPad, you can flip the Magnus over and use it under the device.

A black grippy finish helps stabilize the Magnus Air. It kind of disappears so you can focus on the device, which is exactly how it should be. It really showcases how beautiful the iPad is. For a horizontal display, be sure to attach it with the home button facing to the right. Find the Magnus Air HERE.


Sili Pint Tiki Collection

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear | 0 comments

Sili Pint Tiki

Sili Pint is offering tropical toasts with their Sili Pint Tiki Collection. Look at these, aren’t they fun? Perfect for outdoor summer get togethers and patio luaus, these pint cups are non toxic and indestructible. If you like fun graphics, you’ll love Sili Pint because they have all sorts of festive designs. What a great alternative to plastic cups. Each person can have their own unique cup–they’re great for kids and families too. Find the Sili Pint Tiki Collection HERE.


JetBoil MiniMo

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear | 0 comments

JetBoil MiniMo

JetBoil has a new stove out, and it is fabulous. The name MiniMo, I think, is somewhat of a misnomer. The JetBoil MiniMo is not super mini. It’s bigger in person than you expect and larger (but shorter) than the traditional Jetboil. You can cook for two people with this. And the great thing about the MiniMo is the improved simmer control. You know how with the regular Jetboil you kind of go from cold to boiling in two seconds? With the MiniMo, you can actually cook more gradually which makes it possible to make more elaborate meals.

With two MiniMos, you have a super functional compact camp kitchen. I really like how much more sturdy the MiniMo feels, like it won’t tip. I love the low center of gravity. Here is a tip–if you are going to use the MiniMo with other pots or pans, be sure to use the pot attachment, and make sure it’s fastened on exactly right. The black plastic piece will melt if this is done wrong. Find the JetBoil MiniMo HERE.


Nite Ize FlashFlight LED Flying Disc

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear | 0 comments

Nite Ize FlashFlight


Jazz up your campsite playtime, or beach bonfire bash with the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Lite Up Flying Disc. It’s just a frisbee that lights up, but it looks so cool flying through the air and kids love it. The plastic has an ever so slight grippy feel–it’s not quite as hard as some frisbees, and this makes it easier to catch and throw, and it feels better in your hand. Find the Nite Ize FlashFlight HERE. 


OOFOS OOAHH Slides: Summer Must Have

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Clothing & Footwear | Comments Off

OOFOS_Slide-black- (1)

Shoes that have a lot of cushion and shock absorption win me over right away. Enter the OOFOS Slide. I warn you right now, the second you slip them on, you will not take them off.  They’re not exactly high fashion, but I think they look cute with cropped jeans, shorts or a casual skirt.

OOFOS are light weight and perfect for slipping on and off through security at the airport, they won’t add weight to your suitcase or beach bag. If they get dirty, just rinse them off. I love these OOFOS after a hike or a long walk. I find they run a little big, so if you are a half size, you might want to try sizing down. Find them HERE.


Innate Craft Growler and Pint Cup

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear | Comments Off

Innate Craft Growler

Have you picked up a stainless steel growler yet? Innate’s Craft Growler is a little different from the other growlers out there. The Innate Growler has a really cool lid. It’s heavy and extremely well made. It has a hinge and it opens firmly without the lid bouncing around. This makes me feel more secure when I’m pouring something hot into the growler.

Innate Growler

They work great for hot drinks and water too. We recently took two growlers full of water on a quickie overnight camping trip and had plenty of water. Not only that, but it stayed cold for two days.

The double wall offers insulation that really works. Stop by your favorite craft brew pub on your way to the woods and fill up. You’ll have plenty to share with friends around the campfire and you won’t have to worry about a glass growler breaking. It will also keep your beer much colder than glass will.

Constructed of premium food grade stainless steel, the Craft Growler is good looking. Innate makes matching pint cups called Saison Tumblers to go with the growler. A few of those and a couple of growlers and you’re all set. Find the Innate Craft Growler HERE.


Big Agnes Helinox Sunset Chair

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear | 0 comments

helinox sunset chair

Big Agnes has outdone themselves with the new Helinox Sunset Chair. How they managed to make such a comfortable chair so lightweight and packable I don’t know, but I want to see more of this. We took it camping and fought over it. It’s perfect for small car camping, because it takes up very little space in the car.

The thing that’s always disappointing to me about a lot of camp chairs, especially the ultra-light ones, is that you can’t put your head back because the chair doesn’t come up high enough. Not to be confused with Big Agnes’s regular Helinox Chair which has the back that comes down lower, the Helinox Sunset Chair has that sinking soothing comfort of a hammock. There’s no other camp chair in its category that is this comfortable. Weighing in at just 3lbs, it’s a luxury that’s no problem to take along, and it comes in a convenient stuff sack.

Use the Helinox for summer get togethers and concerts at the park. And ps–it’s Beautiful. I love the metallic blue against the black. A must have for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors, find the Helinox Sunset Chair HERE.