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Bolse 3 Port USB Car Charger

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Technology | 0 comments

Boise’s 3 Port Car Charger is not your average charger.  It’s an Apple Certified three-port charger that plugs into the 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter) in your car.  It has cool blue lights that come on to let you know it’s powered up, as well as the green glow of the Lightning/Micro plug.  This dual end feature allows you to plug in you iPhones and Galaxy phones–and things like Kindles and the odd electronic that uses micro.  You can charge three devices at once. with this charger.  It’s also a smart charger, meaning it won’t fry your devices, it knows how much juice they need.

The look is sleek and subtle and I love the tangle-free cord that offers six feet of flexibility.  I’ve been using this with an iPhone 6+ and it works flawlessly.  Great option for your next road trip or even just to have available in your car for daily life.  Find it HERE.

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Grabber Hand and Toe Warmers

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Adventure Travel | 0 comments

hand warmers

This winter I tried traveling with hand and toe warmers for the first time.  No problems having them in my carryon bag (you never know with TSA) and I found them super easy and effective to use.  They stayed in my luggage for most of my trip, but boy when I needed them, they were fabulous.  Horseback riding in Iceland–that’s when they came in very handy.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have them.  I stuffed them into my gloves and they kept my hands so much warmer than they would have been without them–gloves were tricky, hand warmers work a lot better with mittens, but when you’re horseback riding, you really need gloves.  My fingers were freezing but my palms stayed toasty warm.  I had them right up against my skin and they did not burn.  The toe warmers also worked great in my already crazy warm boots.  If you’re headed someplace cold and tend to get cold hands and feet, I strongly recommend trying these.  I got mine on Amazon HERE.

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Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Clothing | 0 comments


If you’re planning winter travel, skiing, and snowy backcountry adventures,  the Stormbound Jacket from Outdoor Research is a hard core coat to see you through the cold.  It’s OR’s warmest coat and so well made you will have it forever.  The Stormbound uses that awesome new technology that allows you to wear down in wet weather.  So it’s a 650 down fill with a waterproof Pertex shield that will keep your down from getting all soggy.  This keeps you ultra warm and dry so you can play all day in cold, wet, and snowy weather.

It’s full of features that make it stand out from other jackets in this category.  The hood is  removable and has wire in the brim so that you can form it the way you want around your helmet.  There’s also a removable balaclava.  Pit zips go in both directions for a quick cool off when you heat up.  A powder skirt “locks down” with grippy elastic so that you won’t get snow up your jacket, and if you don’t need it, it zips out.  The front pocket has a nifty attached cloth for wiping your googles (or glasses) and there’s a port for your headphones.  Cuffs loop over your thumb to keep your sleeves down when you’re moving your arms.  Two spacious inner pockets hold gloves, a hat, snacks, etc.  Lightweight stuff.  Then there’s an inner zip pocket for valuables and smaller stuff like your phone, id, and money.

I’m a size 10 and needed a large.  I thought I’d need to go up to an xl so that I could wear bulky layers, but that was not necessary at all, I was swimming in the xl.  The large is plenty big enough, if not still a little big, particularly in the sleeves.  They’re a little long for my 5’5 frame, but if you’re tall, this will be great.  Also, the jacket is so warm, go easy on your layers.  If you over-do it, you’ll have the pit zips right there to ventilate, but this coat is very warm, especially when you’re moving around.  Find it HERE.

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DAKINE Alina 3L Hanging Toiletry Bag

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Body Care, Business Travel | 0 comments



Dakine’s Alina 3L Toiletry Bag is an excellent hanging bag for travel.  It comes in great designs and functions flawlessly.  I love the clear bag it comes with that’s perfect for your liquids and having them handy for TSA.  The inside features a two mesh zipper pouches, a cavernous deep and wide pocket (which can house the clear bag and then some), and a secret pocket.  The bright colors make the bag stand out in your hotel room so it’s less likely to get left behind.  I love this bag. Find it HERE.

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Athleta Metro Slouch Pants

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Adventure Travel, In-Flight | 0 comments


Look at these cute pants! They’re Athleta’s Metro Slouch Pant. Aren’t they great?  They’re perfect for wearing on the plane.  And around the city, biking, hiking and out to dinner.   Wear them with winter snow boots or flip flops, they’re versatile enough for both. They’re super flattering too.  Some great lines have a slimming effect just like those slanted zippers.  These are perfect all around travel pants that are a medium weight.  Bonus:  they come in petite sizing.  Find them HERE.

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Camelbak Forge Travel Mug: Toasty Hot Drinks to Go

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Adventure Travel | 0 comments


Need a new vessel for your coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea?  Keep warm comforting drinks in Camelbak’s new Forge Travel Mug.  It’s a 16 oz stainless steel vacuum sealed mug that will help you stay cozy during your adventures the rest of the winter.   The seal lets you drink one-handed.  You just push back on the blue lever to drink and it snaps back into place to prevent spills–great for a bumpy back road.  Or lock it so it stays open.  Find it HERE.

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UGG Tasman Slipper-shoes for Winter Travel

Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Adventure Travel, Clothing, Family Travel, In-Flight | 0 comments

uggsI’ve been traveling with these, the Ugg Tasman.  They’re slides and technically slippers, but I wear them as shoes.  They’re awesome for the plane (and airport), wearing around your hotel, and the quick trip to the mailbox kind of thing.  They pass as clogs and look semi-cute with jeans and travel pants like the City Joggers I wrote about recently.  I would not wear them in any sort of inclement weather, but I’m really hooked on having these with me.  I keep them in my personal item bag for use on the plane, then switch back to boots until I’m settled in at the hotel.

When your only travel shoes are boots, it’s so nice to have something light to slip into to give your feet a break.  Sheepskin lining makes them uber-warm and cozy.  They make them for men, women and kids.  My only issue is I wish they made half sizes.  I can’t get a perfect fit.  I’m an 8.5-9 and needed a 10 in these.  They’re a little baggy, but the 9′s were waaaay too short.  Still, I love them but would love a true size more.  Find them HERE.

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