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Bear Paw Demi Boots

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear | Comments Off

bear paw demi

OMG how have I been surviving winters without these awesome Bear Paw Demi Boots? My feet are always cold in the winter. And once they get to that point where they are like popsicles, the only way to warm them up is with a hot shower. Well that’s not going to happen with these. The Bear Paw Demi Boots are warm and toasty, but since it comes down so low, you can start wearing them now without getting too hot. At least I am.

Mine are black–I almost always go for black because it coordinates with all my stuff the easiest and travels well. They are really cute (cuter in person than in the above picture) and versatile and slip on and off with ease (think airports). I’ve never had shearling boots before and can’t believe how well they work for keeping my feet comfortable. I’ve read you are supposed to size down with this type of boot, but I did not, and went with my usual size 9. It’s a perfect fit. The only thing I might caution you about is to be sure to have another type of footwear with you, even if it’s flip flops, because these babies get really really warm!  Find the Bear Paw Demi Boots HERE.


Healthy Travel Snack: Veggie Go’s

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear, In-Flight, Road Trip | Comments Off

veggie gos

I’m always on the lookout for TSA friendly snacks that are healthy. Traveling can be tiring and it’s a good idea to have something on hand for a quick pick-me-up.  And if you have kids, it’s a must. My ten year old loves fruit leather, so when I saw Veggie Go’s, I thought right away that they would be a hit. When he saw ingredients like Spinach and Kale on the label, he was reluctant to try it, but guess what? I only got to taste the Mango & Kiwi Kale Veggie Go, because the others disappeared before I could get to them. He said they were great and wanted me to buy more.

Veggie Go’s are certified Organic, full of pure fruit and veggies, and delicious. They offer 1/2 serving of fruit and 1/2 serving of vegetables per package. Find them HERE.


Toad & Co Merino Diamond Hoodie

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Clothing & Footwear | Comments Off

toad & co merino diamond hoodie sweater

Aren’t you excited to see your sweaters when temps drop in autumn? And maybe it’s time for a new one to throw in the mix? Look at this beautiful sweater. The Toad & Co Merino Diamond Hoodie has a geometric pattern to spice things up and it’s soft and cozy. Functioning as both a light coat and a sweater, that extra length adds warmth and style. This sweater looks great over a black dress with boots and with a tee shirt and jeans. You can dress it up or down, making it a versatile piece for travel.  It is bulky, like most sweaters are, so you might want to wear this one on the plane–you can escape under the hood into your own little world.

This sweater is prettier in person. It’s a quality piece, well made and that gorgeous pattern reminds me of the southwest. Picture wearing this on a crisp morning with a cup of hot masala tea in your hand. Find the Toad & Co Merino Diamond Hoodie HERE.


Keen TyreTread Boots

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Business Travel, Clothing & Footwear | Comments Off

keen tyretread boot 2

Wow, check out this awesome boot for fall. The KEEN TyreTread Boots hit that sweet spot and are not too short or too high, or too hot to wear like winter boots, but still give you that boot-satisfaction. You know what I mean? The first leaf I see floating in the air and I want my sweaters and boots.

Keen’s TyreTread is comfortable enough to walk all day in a new city, but looks sharp and pulled together. They’re casual and a little dressy at the same time, it’s all about what you pair them with. They look nice with dresses, jeans and you know what else the TyreTread looks good with? Those slouchy jogger pants everyone is wearing right now. I think they’re a little cowgirl and a little metropolitan. They come in three different colors, but I always end up settling on black. Find Keen TyreTread Boots HERE.


Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear | Comments Off

hammock bliss ultralight daypack

I always travel with some sort of extra ultralight bag or pack because more often than not, I need it. For excursions, trips to the market, and all sorts of unexpectedness. They’re so small that if they go unused, no real loss of space happens in my suitcase. The Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack is a great option and you know what else I love it for? Day trips right here at home, to the park with our hammocks.

I’m surprised all hammock companies don’t offer something like this because it’s so handy for your hammocks and tree straps (and snacks, reading material, sunscreen, etc.), and it keeps the weight down in line with the lightness of the hammocks. You can keep it packed up and ready to go in your car for impromptu hammocking.

It packs down to a ball smaller than a Nalgene, stuffing into its own built in stuff pocket.  You can get more bare bones than this with other ultralight daypacks, but I like the extra features you get here with the 5.3 ounce Hammock Bliss version. Like the side pockets for water bottles and things you need to be able to get to easily, and the inner zip pouch for little things like keys and credit cards. Reinforced seams and water resistant material help make this bag durable, though it loads from the top and does not offer a whole lot of protection from heavy rain. Find the Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack HERE.


Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Clothing & Footwear | Comments Off

Mountain Khakis Spring 2015Here is a new combination for me. A wool-flannel shirt. The Mountain Khakis Peaks Flannel Shirt is a versatile piece perfect for fall. You can wear it as a shirt, or add that extra layer over a t-shirt, tank top or thermal underwear. The pink and purple is slightly muted, but bright enough to make it fun and feminine.

You know I love wool for travel and this is a wool blend with some lycra thrown in for movement. This makes the Peaks Flannel a great shirt for camping and active travel.  This is one of those pieces you’ll have forever because it’s so well made. I find Mountain Khakis runs small (but I like a loose fit), so I went up in size for this. Find this must-have travel and outdoors item for autumn, the Peaks Flannel, HERE.


UAG Maverick iPhone 6 Case

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Business Travel, In-Flight, Technology | Comments Off

uag maverick iphone case

Tough enough to meet military drop standards, the UAG Maverick iPhone Case is heavy duty without being bulky. The buttons are oversized and line up perfectly. It’s completely straight forward and easy to install on your phone and also not difficult to get back off.

It has indented lines and a honeycomb pattern. The surrounding bumper is a different texture from the smooth body–it’s not rubbery, but provides a comfortable grip. I’ve got this on an iPhone 6 Plus and it’s a great fit for the big phone. The rivets give the case a masculine look. It’s a nice option for those who want a rugged case with little bulk. Find the Urban Armor Gear Maverick Case HERE.