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Cozy Up: Wrap Yourself in a Rumpl Blanket

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear, Road Trip | 0 comments


Want to cozy up around the campfire? Wrap yourself in a Rumpl. They’re cuddly and sturdy enough for your adventures but luxe enough to use at home. That’s the idea, they are completely versatile and meant to use at home and on the go. Made with high quality materials used for outdoor gear and clothing like sleeping bags and winter jackets, the Rumpl is lightweight but substantial. It’s made with DWR rip stop nylon and a synthetic down fill. It feels wonderful to the touch and will have you rethinking your home bedding.

I’m really liking Rumpl’s design sense. They come in some great colors with modern stitching inspired by nature. The pattern looks like waves or wood grain. Rumpl is awesome for households with dogs and kids because it’s tough and washable. I find it especially wonderful for snuggling up inside the hammock. You know, while it’s still a bit too cool out to be comfortable in the hammock? This solves that and makes you feel extra comfy. We also took it camping and used it by the campfire and in the tent. It’s one of those things I could easily see people fighting over, so if you have a big family, you might want more than one. Find the Rumpl HERE.

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Chaco Outcross Mary Jane

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Clothing & Footwear | 0 comments

Chaco Outcross Mary Jane 2

Need a travel shoe that you can wear kayaking and then out to dinner? Well, they may not get you through a super fancy dinner, but the Chaco Outcross Evo Mary Jane is awesome for its ability to get you out on the water, then walking around town checking out the sites, then out to dinner in a cute dress. They are comfortable, and I love the versatile black and gray. They are so well ventilated, they’re perfect for summer.

Sizing for me was a little different than the Chaco Sandals. My “official” size is 8.5 (as measured at the store) but I usually end up with 9′s. In Chaco sandals I wear 8, but with these Outcross MJ’s I’m wearing 9. I like a lot of arch support and these have it in spades, as well as great traction. Chaco made a super light shoe here with some mega function and fashion too. Find the Chaco Outcross Mary Jane HERE.

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Hydro Flask True Pint

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Family Travel Gear | 0 comments

Hydroflask True Pint

Remember the Hydro Flask Growlers we talked about?  Well here are the pint cups you need to go with those. The Hydro Flask True Pint is the companion to the growler and works like a charm to keep your drink cold.

Stop by your favorite craft brewery on your way to the camp ground and fill up, then use these pint cups to share with friends. They are specifically made to maximize your enjoyment of beer with an angled lip that is designed to allow better aroma release and a smoother pour while the double wall keeps it chilled.  The traditional pint cup feels good in your hand. So great function and aesthetic for beer, but I like them for other beverages too.

And I love them for kids, especially the bright orange cups. Children are attracted to the happy logo and with the orange, they stand out and won’t get mixed up with an adult beverage. They won’t break when dropped and there’s no toxic chemicals to leach into the contents. They stack without getting stuck for easy storage at home and on the go. The Hydro Flask True Pint comes in several colors so you can color code. Find it HERE.

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Gerber Freescape Lantern

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear | 0 comments

Gerber Freescape Lantern .

Gerber’s Freescape Lantern has my favorite feature in any sort of lighting: a dimmer. How luxurious for camping! It’s a great way to set a mood, but also conserve on battery life. Not only that, but it has a touch feature too. So you can touch it to turn it on, to turn it off, and touch to dim.

It does all that and looks beautiful too, I love the black and neon green. The green really stands out when you turn your headlamp in its direction making it easy to spot amongst gear. There’s  clip at the top to attach to a tree branch easily and quickly. The Gerber Freescape Lantern takes four D-batteries, and a battery indicator in the form of four led lights lets you know how much juice you have left. Don’t you wish all lanterns had these features? Find the Gerber Freescape HERE.

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Traveler’s Choice Sedona Series

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Business Travel | 0 comments

Traveler's Choice Sedona Series

Traveler’s Choice Sedona 4-Wheeled Luggage is light weight and super durable. You may have seen the youtube videos where this luggage is being run over by a truck.  It comes in some bold colors like bright yellow, red, and even pink. I love the shiny jet black.  It’s tough enough for schlepping along on a big international trip, but elegant enough to look nice and professional on business trips.

Inside, there are some great organization features like zip pouches. An integrated TSA friendly lock helps you keep it simple and not have to worry about where your lock is when you need it. Find the Traveler’s Choice Sedona Spinner HERE.

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Athleta Palisade Pant Perfect for Travel

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Clothing & Footwear | 0 comments

 Athleta Palisade Pant

Looking for some versatile travel pants for the summer? The Athleta Palisade Pant will see you through a good three seasons and it comes in an ankle length that is perfect for summer. The full length pant comes in petite which is essential for me at 5’5, and you can roll them up for a cropped look. Still, I prefer the Ankle Pant. Both are nice enough to wear out to dinner or to a business meeting, yet are perfectly at home in the woods and on the trail. Wear them hiking, biking and kayaking because if they get wet, who cares, they dry very quickly. Find the Palisade Pant HERE.

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Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler: Summertime Best Friend

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Adventure Travel Gear, Road Trip | 0 comments

pelican elite 20qt cooler

Meet your new summer cooler. Or at least my summer cooler–but after you learn about how awesome this is, you’ll probably want one too. It’s the Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler and it is the best cooler I’ve ever encountered.

There are several high end coolers out there that really keep contents cold for days, but the Pelican Elite is special because it has a few features the others don’t. The latches for one thing, are easier than the others. There are two sets of comfortable handles so that you can carry it like a basket or two people can carry it with one at each side.  It has a built in bottle opener–no fumbling around looking for a way to open that Hoegaarden. Four integrated cup holders make for a nice little coffee table at camp or at the beach. These well thought out extras make the Pelican Elite superior and it’s less expensive to boot.

Pelican coolers are bear proof and Grizzly certified. Check out this video of a bear trying to get into a Pelican Cooler. Isn’t that cool? So even if you’re not in bear territory, chances are good that your campsite will be visited by little masked bandits. Raccoons won’t be able to get into your food either.

The Pelican Elite 20qt cooler is the perfect size for one or two people.  It’s heavy, but not too heavy for one person to carry and it will hold a good bit of food and drink. For us, it is plenty big enough for a weekend camping trip, and more than enough for a day at the beach.

The plastic is hard and sturdy and seemingly indestructible. And here is something  I really appreciate about these coolers–they come in a rainbow of colors. You can order one from PelicanCoolers in a wide variety of colors (I love the cooling light blue).  If you are shopping around for an excellent cooler for your summer adventures, pick up a Pelican Elite HERE.

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