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Outdoor Research Tech Friendly Gloves

Posted by on Nov 28, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Clothing, Gifts for Travelers, Technology | 0 comments


Need some awesome winter gloves that will keep your hands warm, let you use your smartphone, and look great too?  Look at these Outdoor Research Tech Friendly Sensor Gloves.  They’re sleek and minimal and work like a charm.  They feature TouchTec leather palm technology that allows you to use your device while keeping your gloves on.  The lining is soft Radiant Fleece for insulation, while the top of the glove is made from lightweight polyester.

These gloves are perfect for driving, for grabbing a cold steering wheel.  They have a great grip.  The look is basic black, simple, and elegant.  They’d be appropriate for business travel, the city, and adventures in the woods.  And–keep them together with the handy glove clip.  Oh what a great stocking stuffer these would make for the holidays!  Find these excellent gloves HERE.

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Athleta Lined City Jogger Pant

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Clothing, In-Flight | 0 comments


Need some awesome airplane pants for winter?  Check out Athleta’s Lined City Joggers.  These are some major comfortable pants that are perfect for winter travel. You don’t want to wear fleece pants on the plane or in the airport because they’d get too hot.  These are made with a light weight fabric, then lined with super soft jersey.  They’re warm, but breathable and so cute and great for a variety of activities. You can dress them up or down, wear them with flats or booties–hiking or out to dinner.  I find they run a little big, but they’re supposed to be slouchy, so I’d suggest going with your normal size unless you’re going for a slimmer fit.  Find them HERE.

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Extravagant Travel Necessity: Apple iPhone 6+

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Business Travel, In-Flight, Technology | 0 comments


There are a million reviews of the iPhone 6 out there from people who are more tech savvy than me.  This post is for people like me who have been holding out on getting an iPhone and are mulling things over.   Maybe you’re about to take a trip and are considering buying one.

Believe it or not, I just got my first smart phone.  I’d been planning to get an iPhone since they came out, but put it off as long as possible.  My friends were astonished I didn’t have one, our household is straight up Apple–MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, Air, and even Apple TV. Why on earth didn’t I have the phone, they’d ask.  Well, I was hesitant to commit to a 2-year contract and I didn’t want to invest a couple grand in two years on what I felt for my lifestyle was an expensive toy.  That money could go toward a Hawaii trip after all, or necessities.  All the plans were overwhelming and tedious and I just found it easier and cheaper to pass.  I was also very aware that once I had one, I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

When the iPhone 6+ came out, I thought, this is the one.  It’s big, can function as a tiny iPad for watching movies on the plane and I can use it with my wireless keyboard for work.  Yes, there are cheaper smart phones.  But I needed things to be seamless and intuitive and the extra cost was worth it to me.  So I got one and of course I  love it and don’t know how I ever traveled without it.  It’s completely intuitive and easy to use so if you’re used to Apple stuff, you’ll fall right in like you’ve had it forever.

For anyone still on the fence–do it.  If the finances make sense.  Because you can totally travel without one and it’s a bit of a luxury item.  However, if you are traveling, it makes all the difference in the world to have it.  I’m on a $75/mo plan and it makes sense for me.  It more than pays for itself in the time, energy and the money it saves me with convenience.  Stay tuned for some specific app recommendations, because I have a bunch of them.

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Cozy Cuddly Mountain Khakis Flannel Fleece Shirt

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Clothing | 0 comments


Looking for some comfort in this cold weather?  Mountain Khaki’s Christi is a cozy, furry, fleece lined flannel shirt that feels more like a pet than clothing.  It’s awesome and screams cozy. You can wear it as a light jacket over a wool top, or solo, and when you feel that soft fleece next to your skin, you won’t want to take it off.  And look at these awesome autumn colors!  This shirt is perfect for frosty late fall weather and sitting by the fire.  Find it HERE.

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Vasque Ultra-Dry Skadia Boots

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Clothing | 0 comments


Vasque’s Skadia Winter Boot is warm yet well ventilated so that when you’re indoors, your feet don’t burn up.  These are some stable boots.  The beefed up heel makes you feel totally secure and solid.  Very sure footed.  I love the toggle on the lace that makes them easy to lace up and down without ever having loose laces flopping around outside your boot when you get active.  They’re also quick and easy to take on and off making them great for getting through airport security.

As snow boots go, these are light and appropriate for travel at just 2 lbs.  They’re waterproof, so if it’s a rainy winter, you’ll be covered.  The comfort level is excellent.  These are the kind of boots you can walk and walk in and remain comfortable.  Sizing runs pretty true, I sized up from 9 to 9.5 to accommodate ultra thick wool socks and that probably wasn’t necessary.  Find it HERE.

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Travel Jacket for Kids: Craghoppers Compress Lite

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Clothing, Family Travel | 0 comments


CRAGHOPPERSLooking for a great jacket for your children’s winter travel?  Check out this Compress Lite Jacket from Craghoppers.  The green is much brighter in person–bright enough to spot your kid in a crowd.  It’s super soft, light weight, and perfect for travel.  The ClimaPlus fill is comparable to down.  I wish it had an inner pocket for my son’s device, but I still love it and would recommend it.  It comes with a little stuff sack and it gets pretty small (about half the size of a Nalgene) for easy packing.  No reason not to bring it along, this jacket is great for fall, spring, and winter–and chilly summer nights by the campfire.  Find this awesome versatile jacket HERE.

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Chums Latitude Cases for Travel Organization

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Body Care, Family Travel, In-Flight, Technology | 0 comments


Chums Latitude Cases are colorful and high quality.  The bright colors help me A–spot them in my bag and B–not leave them in hotel rooms.  For instance I swapped out the little black case that came with my expensive Bose Earphones for a bright orange Latitude case.  The Bose case was lighter, but now I can see this easily and it’s better made with two zip pockets for the extra ear buds and charging cord.  I feel much more secure now that the case is orange, the Bose case camouflaged with my other things (I travel with a lot of black, so I like my pouches and accessories to be bright).

The cases come in different sizes and colors for color coding.  You can use them for toiletries, miscellaneous camping gear and supplies, jewelry, whatever you want.  I particularly like them for organizing electronics and cords.  Each pouch has a clear outer zip pocket so you can find your stuff quickly, and a discreet inner zip pocket, so three zipped compartments.  They’re not ultralight, but substantial and well made.  I can see these lasting forever.  Great cases.  Find them HERE.

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