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Able Planet Noise Canceling Headphones

ableplanetHeadphones are a necessity for travel, you need them for your iPod, iPad, computer, etc.  For a long time I used ear buds but then I discovered how wonderful noise canceling head phones can be. For a little more bulk, you can basically drown out much of the unpleasant sounds of travel.  You can also hear the audio on movies so much clearer, music is more crisp–they really make a huge difference.

Able Planet’s True Fidelity Foldable Active Noise Canceling Headphones allow you to escape into a movie or music with a full lush sound you would think comes only with very expensive headphones.  I was so grateful to have them on a recent crowded train ride where there was a ton of chaos and noise.  I just put them on, and off I went into my own peaceful little world.

They fold up compactly and come with their own little bag.  They take up very little space and if space is an issue for you (and when is it not when you’re traveling?), they are worth it.  There is a volume control knob on the cord and the texture of the headphones themselves is very pleasing.  They come with different jacks to make them compatible with various devices and airplane outlets.  Many people find engine noise to be very draining and to cancel that out finds them with less fatigue at the end of the flight.

Noise canceling headphones are not meant to put you in a black hole of silence, you will still be able to hear extraneous sound, but they do buffer out a ton of noise.  You’ll still hear annoying passengers and sounds, but it will all be buffered out significantly.  Are as nice as they my Bose Quiet Comfort noise canceling headphones?  No, they are not as comfortable or as high quality.  But, they are about a third of the price, and for that, a good value.  Find them HERE.