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Bose SoundLink Mini

I have been on the search for a travel speaker for a long time, and have tried several brands.  At home I use a Bose sound dock and iPod for music (and I like it loud and clear), but in the past have had more elaborate sound systems with Bose speakers.  So I was already a fan.  Their Sounlink speaker was too big,  so I never went for that one, but continued to be dissatisfied with all the travel speakers I tried.

When they recently came out with the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, I went for it and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Let me rephrase–I could be more pleased if it was lighter.  Other than that, I’m completely happy and have been using it at home too, almost daily.  I love that I can take it from room to room.  It pairs flawlessly with all my devices (iPod, MacBook, iPad) and the sound is comparable to my big Bose sound dock.  Battery life is approximately seven hours, and it docks on a charging base or can be plugged directly into the wall via the included cord.

For travel, the only nitpicks I have is that it does not come with a travel bag, it should, or at least there should be one offered as an accessory.  I also wish it could be lighter, but at two pounds and with the quality of sound that comes out, it’s hard to complain.  The sound is so great, I’d caution against annoying hotel-neighbors because it gets loud and the sound is fabulous and if you like loud music as I do, you might be tempted to crank it.  Find HERE.