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Eagle Creek Specter Packing Cubes


Eagle Creek’s  Specter Packing Cubes are fabulous.  They are paper thin, but strong and they hold way more than what it might seem.  They come in white, a bright green (strobe) and orange, and they are all somewhat opaque so you can see contents.  They are wonderful for color coding as well–green for me, orange for my son and maybe some clear for the inflight tote.  For backpacking or camping they would work great because they are so light and the fabric slides in and out of backpacks with ease.  They come in sets of three and are also sold individually.

These are the type of thing that you didn’t realize you needed until you have it, then you can’t live without it.  I like them much better than the older style packing cubes because they are lighter, the fabric is very easy to slide in and out and they work kind of like space bags.  Must have for the organizational types. Find them HERE.