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Eagle Creek Universal Traveler: Checkpoint Friendly Air Travel Awesomeness


Eagle Creek’s new backpack, The Universal Traveler, answers all of my travel needs for a carry-on personal item and air travel.   This and a carry-on wheelie bag and I am all set.  It’s the first time I’ve tried a checkpoint friendly TSA approved bag for my electronics.  Meaning, if you travel with your laptop and/or tablet, you don’t have to remove them.  What a hassle saver.  That alone makes this an awesome pack for air travel, but it just keeps getting better.

The next thing I adore about this bag, and I consider it a necessity at this point, is the slot in the back that lets you slide this pack over your handle for your carry on.  That way it stays in place and rides along on top of your suitcase rather than having to be carried on your back.  This makes it more accessible to you and less tiring.  I am amazed at how hard it is to find bags like this.  For those of us who don’t check luggage, it’s so nice to have this while we’re walking through airports with our wheeled carry-on.  While you’re waiting for your flight, everything is right there in front of you, you don’t have to hold anything and it’s just more comfortable.

There’s a pocket on the front of the pack that is perfect for your boarding pass.  An organizer style pocket behind that has places for your pens, keys, and a padded pouch ideal for sunglasses or your iPod.   After that is another layer of pockets offering more space for electronics, power cords, etc.  There’s also a small pocket on the shoulder strap for an energy bar or phone (depending on the size of your phone–it did fit my iPod5, but barely.  It’s ergonomic and comfortable and does include a sternum and a waist strap that tucks into the pack (I haven’t used the waist strap, but could imagine this could come in handy with day hikes).  A reflector detail helps keep you visible.

It has an RFID slot for your passport–big bonus.   I love that Eagle Creek has added this layer of security.   This protects you from getting your information stolen by someone walking by with a scanner.  Zippers are also anti-theft.   They really thought of everything with this excellent pack, and if you fly, you need it.  Find it HERE.