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Grand Trunk Goods Hooded Travel Pillow


Grand Trunk Goods can offer you some extra comfort and privacy on the plane (train, car, etc), that is if you don’t mind a little bit of dork-factor.  You definitely won’t be looking cool in this, but you will be cozy.  This Hooded Travel Pillow is made with memory foam and soft fleece.  Though it works just fine without the hood, it’s a really nice option to have it there, and I’ve never seen a travel pillow with a hood, what a great idea.  It’s perfect for airplanes, for shutting everyone out and creating your own little oasis.

If you’re trying to watch an in-flight movie during the day and you have glare coming in–it can get pretty bright up there with open windows–you can pull the hood over and block a lot of that out so you can focus on what’s in front of you.  Or you can pull it completely over your eyes for a nap.  It’s instant privacy and wouldn’t something like this be awesome on a crowded flight or the dreaded middle seat?

There’s a little pocket on the side for your mp3 player, or ear buds/plugs.  It also makes for some cozy warmth on a cold plane, and when you doze off, the toggle closure keeps the pillow from shifting or falling off.  I think this would work great in the car and camping too.  The cover is removable for washing and it comes in a handy stuff sack with a grab handle and pull cord so you can easily attach it to one of your bags. You can watch a video HERE.