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GSI Outdoors Camp Kitchen


At home I don’t use teflon, so why would I use it camping?  GSI OUTDOORS makes a great stainless steel option for those of us who prefer to avoid the non-stick.  The GLACIER STAINLESS COOKSET is a set you’d buy once and pass down to your kids and grandchildren.  It’s light weight but made of sturdy 18/8 grade stainless steel.  The gripper that comes with it works great and I like the substantial feel of these, I don’t feel like they’re going to topple over with hot food.  They come nested in a handy mesh bag and include two cutting boards.

GSI offers all sorts of supplies for the camp kitchen, whether you are car camping or “gourmet backpacking,” as they say.  I love that they have an entire line devoted to the concept of gourmet backpacking.

Good food is a great way to treat yourself when backpacking, the food (ie–weight) gets consumed and you don’t have to carry it back.  And after hard play, a nice culinary reward is always appreciated.  To the left is their Crossover Kitchen Kit that contains utensils for more complicated cooking.  Find more HERE.