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JetBoil Titanium Companion Cup

Do you have one Jetboil stove and two hungry people?  No problem.  Jetboil has already thought of this and offers companion cups for their integrated stove systems.  Check out this Titanium Companion Cup which allows you to save weight and space by sharing the fuel and stove while enjoying your own individual cup.

If you’ve never used a Jetboil before, you’re in for a super easy time of it.  It’s an integrated stove-pot-eating vessel system that simplifies everything and works like a dream.  You just attach the stove to the fuel, snap on the cup, place the stabilizer on the bottom and just like that, you have your entire minimalist camp kitchen.  Everything nests together and is about the size of a Nalgene bottle, ideal for backpacking, and great for camping and picnics.  I love the ignition switch for easy lighting and the fact that water boils in just a couple of minutes, it’s an amazing piece of equipment.

The Companion Cup enables you to prepare one meal, hand that over to your companion, and then prep your own, or to prepare two different dishes very quickly. This worked great camping with my son.  I made his food (lightening fast because this thing cooks!), and after he’s a just few bites in, mine is ready to join him.  I’m not kidding, I’ve used many stoves over the years and by far this is the fastest and easiest that I’ve ever tried.  Granted, I’ve only made things like soup, oatmeal, noodles and tea, but those are perfectly adequate and I really appreciate the simplicity and how efficient it is.  If you want to get into more complicated cooking, Jetboil does offer options for this though I haven’t tried them out yet.  The Titanium Companion Cup is feather light and works with Jetboil Sol, Flash, and Zip.  Find it HERE.