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Kelty Kids Little Dipper Sleeping Bag

 Need a sleeping bag for your little Camper?  I still remember the sleeping bag I had as a kid.  It was pink and green with lots of little flowers all over it and it went everywhere.  It traveled to Europe and went on camping trips and sleepovers, I loved that thing and would probably still have if it hadn’t met its fate in a house fire.

The Kelty Little Dipper is a perfect sleeping bag for little kids.  I LOVE the stuff sack which is sewn onto the bottom of the bag so it will never get lost, you just roll up the bag and stuff it right in.  A child can do this by themselves, and then they can carry their very own sleeping bag.  There is a fabulous bear pattern sewn into the green and blue bag and the purple bag has butterflies, a wonderful touch.  The colors are pleasing to the eye and stand out amongst other sleeping bags available for children.  Find it HERE.