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Nemo’s Ingenious Spoon Sleeping Bags


Nemo has done it again–put me in a swoon over one of their brilliant designs.  Check out the new spoon sleeping bags, they’re beautiful and they are as innovative as I’ve come to expect from Nemo.  The spoon shape sets them apart from other bags and introduces a new level of comfort.

It took me a while to get used to the mummy style sleeping bag and for years I resisted them altogether which left my choices very limited.  That small mummy foot box made me feel claustrophobic and that bothered me.  But I did eventually get used to them and realized I could still change sleeping positions, the bag just had to change with me.

With this spoon shaped Nemo bag, you don’t feel at all constrained.  Your knees and legs are free to shuffle about as much as they want and it really feels big in there, plenty of room.  I slept in 50 degree weather in the Harmony 25 and stayed warm, cozy and comfortable all night.  It’s a very light weight bag, filled with Primaloft Synergy, a more advance PrimaLoft which uses continuous filament technology.  This will keep it lofty and warm even if it should get wet (which it won’t because you wouldn’t let that happen), and it packs down easily for your backpack.

My hat is off to Nemo for making sure all their stuff is cool looking and this sleeping bag is no exception.  I really appreciate the colors–the shades of gray with the bright orange, it’s a great looking sleeping bag.  Find one of these awesome sleeping bags HERE.