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Olympus TG-2 Tough Digital Camera

OlympusToughNeed a camera you don’t have to baby?  I have a fancy expensive camera that produces great photographs, but it’s big and bulky and usually ends up staying home.  I couldn’t take it paddling or cycling.  And it also poses a security risk for theft and I can’t be bothered with that when I’m traveling.  So unless I absolutely have to have it for work, I take a quality point-and-shoot instead.

I’ve been through several digital cameras and I’ve finally settled on the Olympus TG-2 for now.  Olympus says it’s the toughest one on the market and I’m inclined to agree.  I’ve taken it horseback riding, cycling, swimming, paddling, and hiking, and it’s performed fabulously.  I love that I can take it right into the water (with a floatable wrist strap attached) and chase fish around up to  50ft.

If you have children, it’s great not to have to worry when they want to take pictures too, this camera can be dropped from 7 feet without breaking.  It’s also resistant to cold weather, so perfect for snow sports and winter travel.  I’m happy with the pictures, it’s intuitive to use and very straight forward, there are some special effects, but I wouldn’t let that be a huge selling point, thought it might be fun for kids, the best part of the camera is its durability.  I do wish it was lighter (I always wish stuff was lighter), but that’s my only nitpick.  It’s been a great camera for our family’s adventures, you can read more and check it out HERE.