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Planet Bike Blaze 2 Headlight


Planet Bike’s  BLAZE 2 has benefits of some of the uber expensive bulkier high tech head lights, but it’s affordable and ultra easy to use. You don’t need an elaborate system to attach it to your bike and you don’t need to plug into an outlet at home.  It just takes two easily attainable AA batteries for which you can use rechargeable varieties. The Blaze 2 helps make you more visible as well as lights your path.  The light has three settings, high, low and flashing.  The flashing mode will get you noticed in traffic, I’ve  heard about cars pulling to the side thinking the cyclist with the flashing light is actually an emergency vehicle.  I probably would use discretion with that mode at night as it might distract drivers, but in the day, it’s great. Installation is a piece of cake, no tools necessary.  The quick release attachment allows you to detach the light and take it with you to prevent theft (you can slip it right in your pocket), or to swap out to another bike (you can purchase additional mounts separately).  You could even use it as a flashlight in a pinch. The batteries are easy to replace, just a twist gives you access, no screwdriver necessary.  It’s a great light for touring, commuting, or just a relaxed evening ride thorugh the neighborhood.