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Planet Bike Superflash Turbo Blinkie Light


If you know you’ll be biking on your trip, it’s a great idea to take along a blinkie.  PLanet Bike’s  SUPERFLASH TURBO fits the bill in a big way with a full watt of superflashing LED power and three individual lights.  Do not look directly at this or you will be seeing spots for a while!  This light keeps you visible for up to a mile.

The Superflash Turbo uses two AAA batteries which can be changed very quickly using a coin to open the housing.  Run time is over 100 hours.  The rubberized on/off switch located on the bottom of the light is easy to get to and operate with speed, you just click through modes, no holding it down and waiting for it to change.

The light comes with various clips to configure it on your bike in different ways.  I like to use the clip on the back to attach it to my trunk, backpack, or bike bag. It’s easy to get on and off, and I pop it in my pocket when I park to lest someone see this cool light and make off with it.  I wouldn’t bike in traffic without lights whether it’s day or night and as a driver, I really appreciate when cyclists make themselves as visible as possible.  They’re a must for kids too.

Planet Bike’s philosophy is that the bike can change the world and its inhabitants, therefore they donate a very generous 25% of profits to bicycle advocacy groups.  Feel good about buying their quality products and check them out HERE.