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Sea To Summit XL BOWL

Sea to Summit is one of my favorite outdoor companies.  I love their innovative light weight products and their colorful sense of design.  Their stuff is as practical as it is fun and one of my favorite products are their X Bowls and Plates.

The newest edition to this line are the XL Bowls which are a hybrid of the plate and bowl, serving both functions.   If you want it to be a plate, you just fold down the silicone sides, and if you want a bowl, you put them back up.  They’re a little more spendy than some other camp kitchen stuff but I think you get more, and once you have them, you’re done.  With proper care you should have them for a very long time.

The different color options not only look cool, but serve as color coding for different campers.  Kids love this, each kid picks the color they like and they know whose is whose.  They can also then be responsible for washing and keeping up with their own stuff.  They are easy to clean, and pack up small for next time.  The bottom of the bowl also doubles as a cutting board.

They’re great for traveling as well as camping, and work well in a hostel or hotel situation.  I’ve been accumulating them one by one since I discovered them, picking up one here and there, and over time we have a set.  Fellow campers love them and always want their own, wanting to know who makes them and where to get them.  The other pieces include the plate, the bowl and the mug, all of which nest into each other.   Check them out HERE.