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Steripen Adventurer Water Purifier

Even though that beautiful stream water looks clean, it probably contains waterborne pathogens that will put an end to your good time out in the woods.  The SteriPen Adventurer is a great solution for back country explorers who want to avoid sickness inducing microbes.  Giardia, cryptosporidium, and dysentery are all knocked out by the SteriPen’s UV light.  This is a chemical free way to sterilize your drinking water.  What a great tool–and necessity–for backpacking and global travel.

There’s no pumping, this is very fast and easy.  You just collect your water, running it through a filtered water bottle to remove particulates, insert the steripen, agitate the water for 90 seconds, and the ultra violet light will purify your water.  There’s an integrated flashlight that serves as a nice back up light.

Be aware that chemical run off is not something that any filter or sterilizer will be able to take care of, not that we can avoid it completely, but you don’t want to be collecting water near an industrial plant.   Find it HERE.