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Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket: Ultra Light Rain Protection

HELIUM Like to travel ultra light?  Then you have to try the Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket.  This baby is feather light.  I can’t believe they managed to make a substantial jacket that weighs so little at 6.4 ounces.  It packs down into a built in pocket that has a loop so you can clip it to your backpack (or harness, if you’re a climber).  This jacket was designed for flash storms, and it’s compact enough that you can always have it with you for when the weather changes on a dime.

Pertex Shield technology is what keeps it breathable, waterproof and ultralight and provides some wind protection too.   There’s a zip pocket on the front of the jacket for your id, credit card and phone.  It’s very streamlined and somehow manages to be flattering as light as it is–I like the way it looks and it’s comfortable too.  This is great to have with you if you are traveling to hot rainy climates.

It comes in several colors for men and women.  I’m partial to the black with turquoise blue details, though for hiking or biking, the red is nice for visibility.  This is a wardrobe must have for the adventurer, I will always have this with me for travels and outdoor activities, it’s so compact there’s no reason not to take it along.  Find it HERE.