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Smartwool Next To Skin: Travel Must Have


Have you tried Smartwool’s NTS series of clothing?  NTS means Next To Skin, which means it’s soft and cozy, not scratchy like some wool that isn’t comfortable against bare skin.  Check out this Mid 250 Patterned Crew top.  It’s so soft, you really can’t believe it’s wool.  I’m a huge fan of wool for travel and adventure because it helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold, and wicking away moisture when it’s hot.

Smartwool has some great colors and patterns, like this fun berry colored zig zag.  Normally, I prefer a V-Neck, but I really like this crew, it keeps me warmer than a v-neck and it still creates a flattering line.  It is a snug fit, so size up if you like your clothes loose.  It makes an awesome base layer, it’s perfect to wear under a down hoodie, and it has enough good looks to stand on it’s own as a nice top to wear, but packs a big bang function-wise.  I warn you, once you get a taste of Smartwool’s NTS tops, you’re probably going to want more.  Find it HERE.