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WOOLX Wool Base Layers


Are you wearing wool for your adventures?  It’s such a great travel material because it keeps you toasty when it’s cold and it wicks away moisture when you’re hot.  It doesn’t retain smells, so if you can’t do laundry, you should be okay.  I became obsessed with wool a few years ago when I realized  how practical and awesome it is.  WoolX is a brand I just discovered and I’m happy to see another option out there for both women and men.

The  WoolX Merino Top is substantial enough to wear on its own or as a mid-weight base layer.  It comes in Berry and Black and I would not hesitate wearing the black top with some jeans or skirt out to dinner.  It’s elegant and could easily hold its own making it a great travel piece for this form and function versatility.  It’s soft and comfortable and has great lines and would work in a backcountry or urban setting.  You could even wear it under a blazer for business.

The Bottoms have a generous fit, you won’t need to size up for these, they are also soft and cozy.  Another great travel piece to be worn under snow pants or as pajamas.  I’m impressed with WoolX, both pieces are good quality and I hope they roll out more options for year round wear.  Find these and more HERE.