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Ahnu Maia Shoe: Lightweight Travel Fashion

redahnuHow Ahnu managed to make a shoe this light and fashion conscious so comfortable, I do not know, but they did it and I am loving the Maia.  Seriously, I normally need at least three inches of shock absorption under my feet.  When I saw these, I thought, “Oh how cute these would be with summer dresses, too bad they’re so thin.”  I’m so glad I did not dismiss them because they are super comfortable and travel friendly.  When I first slipped them on, my jaw dropped.  I was pleasantly surprised and could not get over the comfort level.  I am the pickiest person in the world about foot comfort.  About most things, truth be told, but uncomfortable feet can really wreck your trip, so I’m extra picky about this.

I always travel with at least two pairs of shoes.  One might be flip flops, but I have to be able to change out my footwear.  If I’m doing active things like hiking, this is even more important.  I might even take three pairs of shoes with me on a trip (this is all with one carryon mind you), so it’s imperative they are light weight.  And that’s the catch–it can be tough to find light weight shoes that offer versatility.  You probably don’t want to wear flip flops to a meeting.  These fit the bill for business casual, with a dress or  cute pair of capris.  They’re great with jeans, skirts, and shorts.  I love the loose fit at the top that makes them almost slipper-like and soothing after wearing hiking boots.  They’re great for slipping on and off through airport security too.

Don’t size up with these.  I’m anywhere from an 8.5-9.5 and the 8.5 fit perfectly.  I love this shoe so much I ordered a second pair (hint–you can find them on cheap if you’re flexible about color).  Find them HERE on Ahnu’s site in several colors.