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Detours Ballard Market Pannier


Two things I try to do on any trip is rent some bikes and go cycling and visit the local Farmers’ Market.  Check out Detours’ new Ballard Market Pannier.  This brings two of my favorite things together, and look how gorgeous those prints are.  I love the Radish print, which is full of soothing blues and radish graphics and big leafy veggies.  It’s a refreshing departure from my usual black.

ballard_market_radish_3 []

Named after Seattle’s popular Ballard Market, the bag is a fabulous solution to the need for transporting your market bounty.  This bag is so versatile it can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag too.  It might work as a personal item on the plane as well, or pack it along for use on your trip  if you know you’ll be cycling. I love this bag because it combines great looks with function.

The padded tote handles convert to backpack straps.  There’s a slip pocket on the front for easy access which is perfect for my phone.  An inner strap is meant to secure your laptop (or kale, they say), and there are reflective loops on either side are  for attaching your blinkie.

The bag clips easily to your rear rack, and there’s a zippered panel that covers the clips when not in use.  It holds a lot of stuff and the whole thing zips up at the top to keep contents secure.  The bottom of the pannier is tough and somewhat molded and stiff, giving the bag support and keeping it stable on your bike.  The material is pretty waterproof, so though I haven’t had it in rain yet, I’m certain it would be fine (just don’t leave anything in the outer pockets for a downpour). This is a great versatile bag for commuting to work, running to the store, or taking on a cycling trip.  Find it HERE.