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Kindle Paperwhite Smart Cover


Should you get a cover for your Kindle?  It adds a little heft, but it also protects your device while in your bag and in your hand.  I like my leather Paperwhite smart cover.  It doesn’t really feel leathery, it’s hard and smooth with some texture.  when you open it, the Kindle comes on, when you close it, it turns it off, it’s that simple.  If you’re reading poolside, you worry less about splashes, and it makes the device more solid in your hand.

I don’t have to worry about the screen getting scratched while it moves around in my bag, it protects the body overall, and I think the cover makes it a little less vulnerable to theft.  I read recently that pink stuff is stolen less–this cover comes in pink.  It also comes in stately black, bright orange, and other pleasing colors.  It would be a great way to color code if you have more than one in the family.  The cover in this review fits both the first Paperwhite and the current new Paperwhite (not other Kindle versions), find it HERE.