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Mojo Bars: Yummy (somewhat healthy) Travel Snack


My nine year old son is a major fan of Clif bars and I can’t tell you how many times having a stash has saved the day.  Those moments when they go from zero to starving—you know the ones?  Where things can get hairy on a dime?  Pull a Clif bar out, and crisis averted.  He’s the Clif bar fan, not me, they’re okay in a pinch, but not my favorite.  Clif’s MOJO bars?  Now those I love.  A little too much.  They have a sweet and salty thing going on that I find irresistible.

They’re basically a candy bar but with healthier ingredients.  They’re pretty decadent (but somehow low glycemic), and the dense nuts will boost your energy when you need it.  I love to keep a couple in my bag for low blood sugar moments when I’ve forgotten to eat or I’m short on time.  They’re about 70% organic and GMO free, but I sure do wish Clif would just get certified organic.  Still, this is way better than most of the junk out there and they taste great.  Perfect for the plane, bike bag, backpack, etc.  Find them HERE.