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ENO Pronest Ultra Light Hammock


Want to take a hammock on your next camping trip but worried about adding the extra weight to your load?  Check out Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Pronest.  It’s  a lighter version of their hammocks at 12oz. Outfitted with ultralight carabiners and made from parachute-like nylon, it stuffs down fairly small, and begs to be taken along on your adventures.   For me, with all my gear, the lighter the better.

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Bring it on a day hike for a relaxing break, just pop it in your daypack.  Keep one in your picnic basket, your car,  and carry-on.  I can have an ENO hammock (any size) set up within two minutes tops.  They’re just as quick and easy to take down and we take ours to the park, hiking, and traveling.

I warn you–it might be a good idea to bring more that one because everyone is going to want to crawl in.  They’re just too fun and they instantly ramp up the enjoyment of your camping trip.  When we first got ours, we didn’t see them a lot.  People would come up to me and ask where I got it and it would generate a lot of smiles at the park and campgrounds.  People were fascinated and admired the simple genius of the product.  Now, I’m seeing lots of people hanging in trees at the park, it’s caught on big time.

They come in different colors, each person can have their own color, and they also come in more elaborate kits for camping, like the Onelink System, which I love.   If you enjoy being outside, you just need one.  Everyone needs a hammock.  Find the Pronest HERE.