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Flight 001 White Cross Pouch for Travel Meds

avery-cosmetic-bag-red-cross- 2

I’m over using zip lock baggies for everything.  I still travel with them–they’re very important to have on hand, but for food or wet bathing suits.  Not for my gear.  Not anymore.  And certainly not when you have cool, colorful containers and pouches to use instead.

Look what I found at Flight 001 for my medical supplies.  I don’t take much medication at all, but I always travel with migraine meds, anti-inflammatory meds like Advil, and basic first aid stuff like bandaids, and also a bunch of vitamins.  This little bag is perfect for this.  It’s a small case (8 x 5 x 3) and doesn’t take up much room, and the bright red is easy to spot in your bag or hotel room, so much less likely to get left behind than the ugly baggie.  This case is perfect for me and oh-so-cute!  Bonus, it’s on sale now, so if you’re interested, snag one now while they last.  Find it HERE.