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North Face Almatta: Perfect for Travel


Some of my favorite travel gear I find by chance, while traveling.  On a recent trip I needed some more functional pants than what I had packed.  I ducked into an REI and found the North Face Almatta Pant, and now I don’t know how I ever traveled without them.  They have a figure flattering fit and the material has give, great for movement, and if you indulge a little, they’ll still fit.  I would guess this would make them work well for wearing a base layer under them, though I haven’t tried it.  There’s a pocket on the right side that fits your id and credit cards.  These pants come in short length which is really nice for me, at 5’5 usually pants are way too long and petites are hard to find.

They are perfect for washing in hotel sinks and dry very quickly.  This makes them great for rainy weather too–light rain just rolls right off these pants.  They worked so well for me I came home and ordered another pair.  They’re true to size, don’t wrinkle, and are super comfy, I love them.  There’s a draw string on the inside I find unnecessary, but I suppose if you tend to drop weight on your trips it could come in handy.

One nitpick–and this is the same nitpick I always have with this brand–the logo is conspicuous.  Really, why does North Face find it necessary to plaster their logo everywhere?  For years I didn’t even look at their stuff for this reason but lately I have been finding so many things from North Face that are awesome, I’ve just been putting up with the logo.  These Almatta pants would be so much more versatile without that prominent logo.  Business meetings for instance.  I’d love these pants for work travel, but that logo makes them look a little too sporty, too outdoorsy and casual for business.  North Face, if you are listening, please consider at least making your logo the same color as the clothing so people have more versatility  Find them HERE.