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Pacific Northwest Kale Chips Snack Size


I always take some healthy snacks along with me whether I’m going on a bike ride around town or headed out on a trip.  Airports and planes have notoriously bad food and it’s really nice to have a healthy option on hand for when your blood sugar starts crashing.  Double the sentiment if you’re traveling with kids.

Kale chips are one of my top favorite snacks and I love the idea of portable greens.  That’s what I miss the most when I’m on the go, access to heathy organic nutrient dense greens.  Pacific Kale is my favorite brand because they’re light and subtle and crispy.  The better value is their bulk option, but the snack packs are super handy and great for kids, who, by the way, also love kale in this form.

My favorite flavors are the Macaroon, Cheezy Kale, and Glacier Peak.   They use local organic greens (not all kale chips are created equal) and they’re a B corporation, so Pacific Kale is a nice company to support.  I warn you right now, these things are addictive and I have an expensive kale chip habit from getting hooked.  There are worse things. Find them HERE.