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BONE Ninja 8GB USB Drive

Red Ninja 8GB USB In Situation

I love making work and travel fun with accoutrements that make me smile and are as pleasing to the eye as they are useful.  This stealthy little ninja has a USB drive inside his body.  You just bend him at the waist and it pops right out and is easy to insert into your computer’s USB port.  His hands are magnetic, so they can stick to your desk, fridge, or top of your Macbook.

NINJA [](1)

I don’t think it will work too well as camouflage, so while it does have a tiny bit of spy stuff allure, anyone who sees this is going to want to touch it and examine it, so forget storing secret files on this guy.  On the other hand, you’ll probably never lose important files because, though tiny, he’s pretty easy to spot and keep up with.

They come in red and black and you know I love to color code.  I’m not sure who will love these more, kids or adults, but they’re great for family travel.  There are a few ninja USB drives out there, but I”ve read that the Bone brand makes the best and most reliable.  You can tell it’s Bone by the little bone logo on his head.  Find it HERE.