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J Jill’s Breezy Summer Travel Clothes for Women


Need some summer travel clothing inspiration?  I recently stumbled upon the absolute perfect summer clothes for my needs.  I feel like J Jill read my mind and created summer clothes just for me.  What was I wishing for?  Breezy soft white cropped pants and flowey tee shirts to keep me cool.  Are they technical clothes?  Nope.  No bells and whistles, they don’t dry in two seconds and they don’t have pick-pocket-proof pockets.  But they are amazing.  Imagine the softest cotton in the world and that’s what these pants are made of.  Like wearing clouds or pajamas.  The tee shirt is a cooling blue that you won’t want to take off once you have it on.

Am I crazy to travel with white?  Well, I tried it on my last trip and it was just fine.  I love black.  Black and charcoal gray, those are my default travel colors (and stay at home colors).  But you know what?  I’m tired of that. When it’s summer and hot and beachy, I crave white.  Soothing white and periwinkle blue and here they are.

Sizing  is pretty generous.  I’m an 8/10 and the 8’s are plenty big enough in the Beach Cargo Pants.  You want white pants to be slightly baggy, especially something like these.  The Sun Bleached Tee fit great in both medium and small (if you are going to be washing this in a hotel sink, the smaller size would probably be best).  The Coastal Blue is dreamy.  There’s a whole line of this stuff and it has a very sea-glass, beachy, comfort-clothes amazingness that is irresistible. Find them HERE.