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EC Technology Mini External Battery Pack


You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of a movie on the plane (the thing that’s helping you get through the flight in the first place), and your iPad runs out of power and cuts off?  Or worse, when your child’s device cuts off?

We recently tried these external battery sticks from EC Technology, and they really were a wonderful thing to have along, especially in-flight.  This is my first time using sticks like this, so there may be better ones out there (maybe lighter?), but we had two and they both worked and charged our devices in a pinch.

As a bonus, it also functions as a flashlight (fun for the kiddos) and nice if power shuts off in your hotel room (it’s happened to me).  My only complaint is that they’re not light enough, but at 4 inches, taking up very little space in my bag and costing ten bucks–it’s worth it to me.  They also come in different colors for color coding, so each family member can have their own, or you can have more than one and keep track of which are used.  Find them HERE.