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Haul Your Camping Gear With Kelty’s Zeppelin 40

KeltyZepplin40 One of the biggest hassles of car camping is hauling your stuff from the house to the car, then the car to the camping spot.  Our gear is heavy and there’s a lot of it, so it can be a little daunting.  Enter the Kelty Zeppelin 40.  Problem solved.  This thing holds so much, and easily rolls it all right to your car, then campsite and back out.

It’s basically a huge duffle with a metal frame and big wheels.  Everything is heavy duty and well made.  Seeing how much easier this is, I can’t believe all the trips we used to make back and forth.  This will hold so much gear you have to be careful not to overload it because you still have to lift it into the car.  My least favorite part of camping is the post-trip offloading.  It’s always so much more organized at the beginning of the trip than at the end.  This bag helps keep everything organized and manageable.

The Zeppelin 40 is a versatile bag that can also be carried as a duffel or backpack (it has backpack straps). Compression straps allow you to cinch it down on lighter loads, but for me, it really excels at hauling a bunch of gear all at once.  If you’d like to make car camping a lot easier and more organized, it’s worth checking out. Find it HERE.