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Nemo Fillo Pillow for Travel and Adventure

nemofiloNeed a camping or travel pillow?  Nemo’s Fillo Pillow is wonderful.  Portable pillows are tricky.  It’s hard to justify bringing them along sometimes.  But for an insomniac like me, anything that ramps up my comfort level with a minimal amount of space and weight is worth considering.

The Fillo, at 10 ounces, manages to have that cozy-at-home-favorite pillow thing going for it.  When you’re far from home and exhausted, this sort of thing is so comforting, so reassuring.   On a long flight, with some noise canceling headphones and an eye mask, you could really create a little in-flight oasis.  It packs down remarkably small, stuffs into it’s own built-in stuff sack, and has a loop you can easily clip to your carry on.

For camping it’s fantastic.  It has a bungie attached that you can stuff your coat or some clothes under to customize how much loft you have under your head.  Smart.  You can make it as plump or squishy as you like.  If you’re a side-sleeper like me, you will be very pleased.  The cover is machine washable for easy maintenance and it inflates with just a couple of breaths.  I love it, and if it makes the cut for me to take along, then the pickiest of ounce counters might love it too.  Find it HERE.