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Stio Crester: Best Blazer for Business Travel

STIOcrester-blazer [] (4)

The quickest way to look like you’re dressed for business is to put on a blazer.  I think I may have found the best-ever travel blazer, Stio’s Crester, and they make them for men and women.

It’s a classic blazer with clean lines and sharp looks, but it’s so much more.  Like a soft shell rain and wind resistant jacket too.  The fabric stretches and is great for mobility. Riding your bike to work?  Perfect.  This jacket is very light weight.  The blazer I usually travel with is bulky and heavy, and recently I just stopped taking it along.  Even if I look less professional without it, the space it took up in my suitcase wasn’t worth it.

The Crester is light enough and versatile enough that it earns its space in your bag big time, I was ecstatic to discover this. Dress up a tank dress or wear it with jeans, it’s versatile and looks good with a variety of other pieces.  It doesn’t wrinkle, it’s easy to clean and if you have to wash it in a hotel sink, it will dry very quickly.  There’s a tech friendly inner pocket.  It’s simple but super advanced compared to what’s out there–where have you seen a blazer made with technical material?  I’ve never seen one.

I’m impressed with Stio.  They are making clothes that are so current and useful. So well thought out.  The Crester is a piece you probably won’t be able to travel without once you have it.  They come in different colors (I love black).  Find the women’s version HERE and the men’s HERE.