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Detours Day Pass Handlebar Bag

daypassDetours’ Day Pass Handle Bar Bag is one of those things I think–how have I been traveling without this?  I always make an effort to get my hands on a bicycle wherever I go.  It’s a family tradition and we get a thrill out of cycling in new places.  Here’s the thing–rental bikes are often (usually) bare bones, and even with the nicer options, you don’t have anywhere to put your stuff.

The Day Pass solves this problem and you get a two-in-one because it doubles as your shoulder bag on your trip.  It has a removable cross body strap and a tiny strap with a clip to attach to the bike.  It takes about two seconds.   It has reflective accents for safety and some handy organization inside with a pouch and key holder.  It’s obviously a casual bag and won’t  be ideal for more formal situations, but I admit–I took mine from the bike right into a fine dining restaurant and didn’t flinch.

It fits my camera, a tiny first aid kit, sunscreen, lip balm, id, credit cards and cash, with room for more.  It comes in several colors, but I’m crazy about this soothing blue Radish motif.  If you like to bike while traveling, you need this.  And it’s great for use at home too.  Find it HERE.