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Rio Big Kahuna Beach Chair

Need a beach chair?  I’m using Rio’s Big Kahuna Beach Chair and I’m loving it.  I like the wide wooden arm rests–one with a handle, the fun bright colors, and the comfort.   It’s light enough to hold in one hand with a beach bag, cooler and umbrella in the other.

It has a cup holder which I find useless because it’s too small, and the little zip pouch isn’t something I use but might come in handy for some (keys, sunscreen, etc).  Also, at 5’5, the pillow doesn’t come down low enough for me–it would be wonderful if this were adjustable, but I bet it’s great for taller people.  I think they make a plain chair without those features, but this is what was available when I went to the store.  Even with the nitpicks, I like the chair.  It’s adjustable, so you can tilt back as far as you want and I love sitting close to the water’s edge with my feet in the waves.  It’s easy to fit in a small trunk to take on a camping or beach trips.  Find it HERE.