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Perfect Summer Watch: Victorinox Base Camp


I’m not a watch person, but I love the Victorinox Base Camp Watch.  Why?  Because it’s feminine and beautiful, but it’s hard core and travel worthy.  It got me with its gorgeous mother of pearl dreamy blue face, but kept me with it’s rugged durability.  And you know what?  It’s super handy to be wearing a watch while you’re traveling and catching trains and planes, attending meetings, etc.  Who would have thought, right?

This watch is water resistant to over 300 ft., so great for the beach and watersports, and also shock resistant, so it’s ideal for active people on the go.  The cooling blue and white are perfect for summer.  I do wish it had an LED light.  The illumination from the glow in the dark stuff isn’t that great.  But for daytime use, it’s so pretty and pleasing to look at.  It’s the first watch I’ve wanted to wear since I was a kid if that tells you anything.  Find it HERE.