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Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 28″: Best Checked Bag

BIGec Tarmac AWSD28 []

Normally I travel as light as I possibly can.  It can’t get light enough for me, so I’m always whittling down my stuff and rarely do I ever wish I’d taken something I didn’t.  Having said that, there are times it’s necessary to check a bag.  You might have some gear that you can’t carry on, or it’s winter with boots and sweaters and a long trip ahead and you want to look nice, etc.

For this, I want the lightest, easiest to manage suitcase possible.  Enter Eagle Creek’s new Tarmac AWD 28″ Rolling Upright.  This bag is a dream.  It’s gorgeous with its combo polycarbonate plastic back and ballistic nylon heavy duty cloth front.  There are grab handles all over this bag as well as a super handy add-a-coat strap to bungee your coat (or another bag) to the top as well as a clasp to attach another small bag.  This suitcase is a work horse.  And a smart one at that.

Two huge storage areas on both sides offer plenty of room for a ton of gear and clothing.  One side zips up and the other has a removable compression strap that you can use to cinch down your clothes or attach on the outside of the bag (obviously not meant to be checked in that way).  It’s also expandable, so you’ll have plenty of room for any purchases you make along the way.  Two outer pouches provide even more storage and easy access and there are two clips on either side to help make sure it stays shut. Zippers are heavy duty with easy zipper pulls and of course it’s lockable.

This bag is awesome and so well thought out.  I love how it just glides along so easily, almost weightlessly when it’s on a smooth surface. The four wheels make it super easy on your back, it’s very different from the two-wheel variety.  It totally takes the pressure off your lower back and just rolls along right beside you with ease.  Eagle Creek has an iron clad guarantee so you never have to worry about the bag failing on you, if it does, they’ll take care of it.  If you need a solid checkable bag to hold all your gear and look fabulous too, this is an excellent choice.  Find it HERE.