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Best Cowgirl Boots for Travel: Ariat FatBaby


Going somewhere you know you’ll be horseback riding?  You want to pack some decent riding boots, but still want to look cute and maximize space in your bag?  Check out Ariat’s Fatbaby Original Boots.  Boy are they cute!  Look at the turqoise stitching.  But the best thing about them is their comfort level and versatility.  These boots were made for walking–they’re padded on the sole and feel great on your feet and the rounded toe offers plenty of space than the more pointy variety.   I never knew cowgirl boots could be so comfortable.

They also look great with a dress or skirt, so you can wear them for a variety of activities.  I like this short version for travel because they’re lighter and take up less space.  If you want to wear them on the plane, go for it; they’re easy to slip on and off to get through security.  The only caveat is the stitching on the inside is a little scratchy to me, so I just put on some thick wool socks and scrunched them down.  If  you’re wearing them tucked into skinny jeans, that’s a non-issue. If you thought you couldn’t travel with cowgirl boots, or that it was too much trouble, think again, because these Ariats are perfect for that.  Find them HERE.