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How to Protect Yourself from Laptop EMF Radiation: SafeSleeve 2.0


Do you ever worry about EMFs coming from your computer?  Electromagnetic frequency, or EMR–electro magnetic radiation.  Health implications include cancer, infertility and DNA damage.  It’s something we want to avoid, but it’s nearly impossible.  The best we can do is limit our exposure.

The SafeSleeve is a radiation-blocking sleeve for your laptop.  It also functions as a lap desk and protective case for your computer.  I never tried the previous version, but the 2.0 is supposed to utilize technology that provides more protection for EMR–electromagnetic radiation.

At the moment, I’m using an old MacBook Pro that gets really hot.  The SafeSleeve cuts back on that heat transmission.  I can have it on my lap for a good two hours before I even notice the heat at all now.  I do not have a device to measure EMFs, but SafeSleeve has tested it (photos on their website).  It makes working more comfortable and provides protection for you and the laptop.  Aesthetically, it’s a great look.  Clean lines and two color options.  Find it HERE.