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Vasque Ultra-Dry Skadia Boots


Vasque’s Skadia Winter Boot is warm yet well ventilated so that when you’re indoors, your feet don’t burn up.  These are some stable boots.  The beefed up heel makes you feel totally secure and solid.  Very sure footed.  I love the toggle on the lace that makes them easy to lace up and down without ever having loose laces flopping around outside your boot when you get active.  They’re also quick and easy to take on and off making them great for getting through airport security.

As snow boots go, these are light and appropriate for travel at just 2 lbs.  They’re waterproof, so if it’s a rainy winter, you’ll be covered.  The comfort level is excellent.  These are the kind of boots you can walk and walk in and remain comfortable.  Sizing runs pretty true, I sized up from 9 to 9.5 to accommodate ultra thick wool socks and that probably wasn’t necessary.  Find it HERE.