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Best Winter Travel Pants: Eddie Bauer Polar Lined Pant


This year I got completely hooked on a new (to me)  brand.  Of course I knew of Eddie Bauer, but I didn’t realize how awesome their stuff was and didn’t have any.  Then I discovered First Ascent which is their line geared towards climbers.  I’m not a climber but I took to the clothes immediately because of how great they are to travel with.  Light, functional, very well made, cute, LIGHT.  So I started trying the Eddie Bauer stuff and I’ve pretty much loved every single thing I’ve tried.  LOVED.

Enter the Polar Lined Pant.  Holy cow–best winter pant ever.  The outer layer is a flexible polyester and the inside is a butter soft fleece that keeps you toasty warm.  It’s one of those things you think you better get a few pair of in case they stop making them.  The lines are figure flattering and they even come in petite, which for me is great at 5’5.  If you’re traveling somewhere cold and want a sleek warm pant, you will love these.  Find it HERE.