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Eagle Creek Mini Tablet Crossbody Organizer


What works really well for me while traveling is having bags within bags.  For instance, I have my carryon wheelie bag, then my personal item which is either a daypack or a tote.  Within the personal item bag I keep a separate small cross body purse.  That way I have two choices for my daily excursions and I usually go for the lighter more minimalist option.

Eagle Creek’s Mini Tablet Crossbody bag is a good option for that extra bag.  Not perfect–I don’t love the strap or how it attaches to the bag and there’s just one RFID sleeve about the size of a credit card.   I hope EC revises this otherwise awesome little bag and beefs up the strap by making it thicker and attached on either end and not the back, and offers more RFID storage for passports.

Maybe I’m just using it out of context, but it’s perfect for all your important documents like tickets, passports, visas, etc.  It’s the ultimate bag for the airport–just wear it cross-body and hands free and every time you need to pull out a document, it’s right there organized at your fingertips.   If you’re on an extended international work trip (or family trips with children’s documents), you can have quite a bit to keep up with.  Then you have your credit cards, cash, driver’s license, Trusted Traveler cards, etc.

The length of the bag makes it ideal for this–it perfectly holds envelopes  and documents.  Add a cell phone,  mini tablet or e-reader, and a spare phone charger stick without it ever feeling overstuffed or bulky.  When you head out during the day, it makes a great purse–definitely not a fashion piece, but it’s black and unassuming.  Just remember when you get to your destination to take out the important stuff and stick it in the hotel safe and diversify cash and credit card storage so everything is not all in one place.  I love this bag because it really appeals to my inner organization freak and when you’re juggling a lot of plans and hectic travel situations, it’s very reassuring to have everything  well  managed.  Find it HERE