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Eddie Bauer Superior Down Parka


Move out of the way Polar Vortex.  Eddie Bauer’s Superior Down Parka will have you covered in the gnarliest of weather down to -20F.

In the picture it looks fashionable and not as hard core.  In person–still stylish especially in black–but you can see why it keeps the cold out so well.  It’s basically a down coat with an attached shell crafted to perfection.  It’s rugged but works in the city and this is what I love–fashion and function in one coat.

It’s heavy, but not too heavy.  It’s not a lightweight technical jacket like Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent MicroTherm which is feather light and amazing for travel.  But the MicroTherm is not appropriate for -20 degree weather and this is.  So you pay for that with a little more weight and that’s okay.   This is coat version of The Wall in Game of Thrones.  It keeps everything out.  You can probably find warmer coats, but not something that is this metropolitan.  You’d feel alright walking around Paris in this, you know what I mean?  You won’t stand out as the American wearing technical clothes, you’ll blend in and keep warm in freezing cold weather.

If it rains it won’t be a problem because it’s waterproof with WeatherEdege and StormRepel DWR technology.    A 650 down fill adds a little bulk, but not too much, and on the black coat, the inside is black too.  This is a huge plus to me, I really don’t like a contrasting lining.  The black on black keeps it sleek and low profile, it looks great. If you want to go sledding or hang out in the woods, it has features like adjustable waist and cuffs (with super soft inner cuffs), to help seal out wind.

The hood is adjustable and detachable as is the fur, so you have three options there–no hood, fur hood, or plain.  It’s a little longer in the back for added warmth, but it’s not asymmetrical, you don’t really notice it visually but it’s nice to have the extra protection.  An inner pocket fits your phone–even the big ones like Apple’s 6+.  There are two large pockets on the front of the coat with diagonal lines that are figure flattering.  These pockets are cavernous and hold everything you need, they are fantastic.  If you’re looking for a super warm stylish coat for winter travel, this parka is a great choice.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  Find it HERE.  PS–see those mittens in the picture?  They’re called Essential Down Mittens.  I got those too and they are awesome!  You can’t find them online anymore, but if you see them in the store, snatch ’em up.