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Grabber Hand and Toe Warmers

hand warmers

This winter I tried traveling with hand and toe warmers for the first time.  No problems having them in my carryon bag (you never know with TSA) and I found them super easy and effective to use.  They stayed in my luggage for most of my trip, but boy when I needed them, they were fabulous.

Horseback riding in Iceland–that’s when they came in very handy.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have them.  I stuffed them into my gloves and they kept my hands so much warmer than they would have been without them.  Gloves were tricky.  Hand warmers work a lot better with mittens, but when you’re horseback riding, you really need gloves.  My fingers were freezing but my palms stayed toasty warm.  I had them right up against my skin and they did not burn.  The toe warmers also worked great in my already warm boots.  If you’re headed someplace cold and tend to get cold hands and feet, I strongly recommend trying these.  I got mine on Amazon HERE.