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Outdoor Tech Rugged Turtle Shell Boombox


If Outdoor Technology doesn’t get your attention with their cool Bigfoot logo, just wait until you hear the sound that comes out of their Rugged Turtle Shell Boombox.  Holy Cow.

Out of the box, it has some heft.  The soft rubbery texture is pleasing to the touch and the geometric design is pleasing to the eye.  Outdoor Tech recommends charging the speaker fully before use, which only takes three hours. Pairing to your device is seamless and takes just seconds.  Once you get it going, you won’t believe how awesome it sounds.  I tried several types of music from classical to post punk and it all sounds great.  It plays the Icelandic indie music I’m obsessed with at the moment like a dream.

Because of its shape, it’s not going to get tipped over and can withstand the presence of roughhousing kids.  I tend to baby my stuff, so the thought of letting this beautiful speaker get wet or banged up makes me bristle, but it can take it.  And that’s the whole point.  Bring it camping, to the park (who cares if it rains), the beach, fishing, paddling, on your road trips–anywhere you go.  It’s made to easily mount to things so you can be on the move.  There are two handles on the underbelly that are perfect for bungee-ing to your kayak or handlebars, or anywhere else you can think of. Those handles work for clipping to your pack with a carabiner as well.

The large Turtle Shell is not ultralight though.  This is not for backpacking trips, though they do have a speaker for that too (haven’t tried it yet).  But there are plenty of times where you don’t mind some extra weight and this is the perfect accompaniment for that.  Not to mention it sounds awesome in the house.

The Turtle Shell offers 16 hours of play and 325 hours of standby time which is excellent.  As a bonus, there are ports for charging your stuff.  So if you’re camping and need to charge your phone, just plug it right into the Turtle Shell and it has the capacity to charge your iPhone four times.  You won’t want to do that though–you’ll be playing music so bring along a charging stick for that stuff and enjoy your tunes.  It’s equipped with NFC technology for ultra easy pairing and if your device isn’t bluetooth, you can connect via the included stereo input cord.  This speaker is fantastic and will probably surprise you too with how great it sounds.  Seriously, Bose who?  Find the Outdoor Tech Rugged Turtle Shell HERE.