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Walking on Clouds in Saucony Triumph ISOs

sacony triumphWant to feel like you’re walking on clouds?  Check out these Saucony Triumph ISOs.  Let me just say, I am Not an athletic shoe person.  I love my hiking boots/shoes, but when it comes to sneakers, they’re not my thing and you wouldn’t see me running around town in them.

Not until now anyway.  I’ve just had a total reversal of thought here.  Extreme comfort will do that to you.  I put on these Saucony Triumphs and I don’t want to take them off.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn a more comfortable shoe. Do I think they look good?  No.  Do they match any of my stuff?  No.  Do I care?  No!  To be fair, as athletic shoes go, I do find these somewhat attractive.  I like the cobalt blue-purple.  They’re on par with all the other athletic shoes out there and better.  I got past the looks almost immediately and now when I look at them I only see the pretty cobalt and a soft landing for my feet.

This is new technology and the Triumph ISO is Saucony’s plushest shoe. The cush was intentional, and they are using what they call their ISOFIT and PWRGRID technology to morph to your foot and offer 20% more cushion. The shock absorption and impact protection is awesome.

They’re light as a feather (perfect for the suitcase).  When I put them on, I felt a bounce in my step right away.  They make you want to run. I used to run five miles a day and stopped because it was destroying my knees.  Now I walk and hike instead.  These shoes are awesome for walking, you don’t have to be a runner at all.  But here’s the thing–just try not to run a little in these.  You can’t help it.  There’s a spring in your step that makes you want to Go.  Though I have no intention of working up to my old routine, maybe with these shoes, my knees will be okay and I can return to something I love.  There’ nothing like a morning run in a new city.  Find them HERE.