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XQISIT Bluetooth Headphones

xquisit bluetooth headphonesBluetooth Headphones.  Have you tried them?  This is my first go, but after trying these XQISIT Bluetooth Headphones, I’m really liking the concept. It’s wonderful to be able to walk around unfettered by cords.

These have a clean, straightforward design.  I love how XQISIT made the controls touch–so you just swipe left and right to skip to a different song and you tap up or down to adjust volume.  No fumbling around for controls.

Now for the sound.  The only other over-the-ear headphones I’ve really used recently are Bose Quiet Comfort noise canceling headphones.  These are not noise canceling, so it’s probably not a fair comparison to begin with.  They’re not as crisp sounding and not as clear at high volume. But they do sound good for their price ($70 on Amazon compared to $300 for Bose), and they are comfortable.

Pairing was quick and easy. They feel nice to the touch, fold up compactly to carry along, and they come with a nice case.  I would pack them in a cloth bag or stuff sack kind of thing to cut down on bulk though, but for home it’s nice to have.  It takes two hours to charge them up and from there, they last about 10 hours. One thing I really like about over the ear headphones is that it’s a signal to others that you are in your own world.  If you’re traveling and you’re tired and don’t feel social, headphones are like a cocoon in busy places. Find them HERE.