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3 Tough Griffin iPhone 6 Cases


Need a tough case for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Here are three options from Griffin Technology. All three are said to sustain 2-meter drops and each has a different of protection to suit your lifestyle.

Survivor All Terrain:  This one (on the far left) is the toughest. How tough?  Tough enough to withstand a nine year old boy. My son has had one of these on his iPod for the last year and has put it through the wringer without the device sustaining a scratch. This case is beefy and adds some bulk, but I like this one for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and cycling. At least you know if your phone gets knocked on the ground, it will be safe. It has a built in screen protector, a polycarbonate shell, and silicone on the outer layer which stays put in your hand. Comes with a detachable belt clip. Find it HERE.

Survivor Core: The Core (in the middle) is minimalist but still offers substantial protection. This is the one I have on my phone at the moment (with glass screen armor on the touchscreen) and I have not tested the drop, but the corners are beefy and I imagine they could handle some impact. There is a lip on the front, so that if you lay your phone face first it will not touch the surface, however, there is no lip on the back which I would like to see. It looks great with a clear back that allows you to see the pretty surface of the phone and the sides are somewhat grippy for holding. Find it HERE.

Survivor Slim: If you prefer something in-between the heavy duty All Terrain and the minimalist Core, the Slim offers a dual-layer protection with a silicone outer sleeve and an inner polycarbonate shell.  Comes with screen film. Find it HERE.