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REVO Descend Polarized Sunglasses

revo-descendn-sunglasses-re-4059-09-blNeed some seriously awesome sunglasses for your springtime adventures?  Check out Revo’s Descend Polarized Sunglasses.  Why do I love these shades so much?  Because they are crazy comfortable.  So much so that I forget I have them on. Also, I have sensitive eyes and the polarization is excellent. They are ideal for wearing on the water and cut down on the glare that can cause eye strain and headaches.

They are grippy in places which helps them stay on through activities, but not so grippy they get tangled in my hair. I really like the clear frames.  They will match any outfit and they don’t take up much visual space. Low profile, but high performance. Find Revo Descend Polarized Sunglasses  HERE.