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Jackery Giant External Battery Charger

jackery giant

Don’t you love how travel gear crosses over to lifestyle gear? Having spent some years in hurricane territory, I’m in the habit of always having flashlights and batteries on hand in abundance. The Jackery Giant is as awesome for travel as it is for your bedside table. A built in flashlight and two ports for charging your devices makes it useful for power outages as well as those desperate moments on a long haul flight when your iPad flashes that lonely drained battery symbol. I love it for camping too.

This bad boy offers a 12,000 mAh power supply, which is enough to charge my iPhone 6+ two and a half times, or the iPad Air almost once.  You can find your device on their website and see how much juice you can get out of it.  It comes in different colors, but I almost always opt for the brightest so I can find it easily in my bag. Find the Jackery Giant HERE.