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Kelty SB20 DriDown Sleeping Bag


Kelty’s SB20 Sleeping Bag is warm, great looking, and uses Dri-Down technology to keep you dry. Now we can enjoy the benefits of down without having to worry about it turning into a soggy mess if it gets wet. An 800 fill will keep you toasty while there is extra waterproofing at the head and feet to combat condensation. This bag is handsome with a deep charcoal gray exterior and upbeat lime green interior. It has a comfort rating of 31 degrees and 20 max. It is very warm and cozy with great loft. The hood is roomy, keeping my head warm while allowing my pillow to stay put inside it.

If you need a warm bag for your spring camping trips, the SB20 is a great option.  For backpacking (and I always say, go warmer than you think you’ll need), this is an excellent choice with the practical features of Dri-Down. That was always the big concern with bringing a down sleeping bag on a backpacking trip–if it gets wet, you’re in trouble. Not anymore. Find the awesome Kelty SB20 DriDown Sleeping Bag HERE.